Santorini Luxury Hotels with Caldera View | La Maltese
Santorini Luxury Hotels with Caldera View | La Maltese

Sunset Lounge & Bar

Attire: Casual

Do you believe in beauty? Enjoy the most beautyful sunsets in the world.

From all the exciting things you can admire in Santorini, the notorious sunset is sans pareil! Enjoy it at the highest spot of the caldera, the one place with the most spectacular views to the sea and the volcano. Relax in the Sunset Lounge Bar of the Buddha-Bar Beach at Imerovigli, order your favourite cocktail or drink, sit back and repose. The legendary cocktails of Buddha-Bar inspired by the colours and the aromas of Santorini and the entire world are now your summer’s essential pleasure that completes the amazing Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini experience!

Sweet or sour? Modern or old-fashioned? Straight or on the rocks? Shaken or stirred? No matter how you like your drink, the Buddha-Bar Beach’s mixology mavens will whet your palate with their extensive repertoire and signature Buddha-Bar Beach drinks and cocktails. Sip on the modern takes of the classics, experiment with tastes unknown or stay with the tried-and-true libations; set on a voyage around the world through the flavours of our recherché mixologists and explore the modern cocktail scene at its finest, at the top of the caldera at Imerovigli and the Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini.

This is the Shisha Experience that you can enjoy only in Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini! Upgrade your Buddha-Bar Beach experience with the most aristocratic and ethereal pastime, the regal, fragrant delight of Shisha pipes. Immerse yourself in a state of utter requiescence, enshrouded in the aromal puffs of the shisha pipes and enjoy the calming effects of luxury, redolence and recreation. The habit that was once reserved for sultans is now available to you in a lavish environment fit for kings and queens, the superb Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini at the resplendent La Maltese, at Imerovigli.

Combine your cocktails with the supple pleasure of tapas or any of our finger-licking delights from the Sunset Lounge Bar menu and relish in the ecstatic moments that make the sunset the undisputed ultimate experience of Santorini. Surprisingly delicious combinations of flavour in bites that will excite you one after the other; a colorful and innovative fusion of bite-sized tastes made to tantalize your palate and please all your senses; these bouches are meant for sharing, for casual lounging with good company in breath-taking surroundings. Tapas time at the Sunset Lounge Bar of Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini is the finest hour of the day!

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