Santorini Luxury Hotels with Caldera View | La Maltese
Santorini Luxury Hotels with Caldera View | La Maltese

Buddha Bar Beach Restaurant

Cuisine: Mediterranean & fusion Pan Asian
Attire: Causal

Do you believe in pleasure? The East meets the West in a sophisticated gastronomic experience!

Dinner – An All-Senses Fusion of Tastes!
Dinner at Buddha-Bar Beach is an elegant affair that defies time and place; sheer lavishness and heavenly tastes redefine fusion gastronomy, setting their own standards of perfection. Here at Imerovigli the world is your playground; explore it through the stimulating Asian delicacies, the scrumptious sushi bites, and the thrill of the finest spirits, in a breath-taking environment immersed in the Buddha- Bar signature sounds. Let the spices of the Orient and the zesty aromas of distant shores guide you to an extraordinary journey around the world, an experience meant for sharing! This is the time to be with your loved ones, to share with them the gifts of Santorini and to create your fondest memories.

Private Dining – Private Dinner & the Buddha-Bar Touches!
You can have the sublime atmosphere of the Buddha-Bar Beach feel like it was made for you and you alone. The private balcony of La Maltese Estate can be devoted to your private dinner, a celebration or a party, where you will be able to share the exquisite Buddha-Bar Beach experience with your guests. Whether you are planning an ultra-romantic candlelit dinner for two, a chic gathering or even a decorous business meeting, the Buddha-Bar Beach experts will prepare a transcendent private dining experience just for you, with impeccable service, gorgeous views and the utmost attention to detail.

Lunch – Santorini’s Gastronomy gets a Buddha-Bar Twist!
The enchanting spirit of Santorini meets the cosmopolitan allure of Paris and the mystique of the Far East in a fusion experience of the most distinctive tastes of each destination. The complexity of Santorini on a plate, together with the most finger-licking tastes of new-age Pacific Rim and Pan-Asia gastronomy come together to coddle our intuitive desire for good food. The true essence of summer is epitomized at lunchtime at the Buddha-Bar Beach, where Santorini is the new honorary guest of the glorified Buddha-Bar Beach Menu, an adventure into the exotic tastes and flavours of the world, under the soothing, chill out sounds of the summer, the caldera view and the sun.

Sunset – Buddha unwinds in Santorini!
Evenings in Santorini revolve around one thing; the sunset; probably the most beautiful sunset in the world. Experience the life changing moments of a Santorinian sunset with your favourite drink or a glass of sparkling champagne at hand, relax and mingle. Amuse-bouches and lip-smacking cocktails as the sun slowly sets, painting the imposing Skaros rock at your feet and the serene volcanoes a thousand colours. Admiring the Santorinian sunset from the Buddha-Bar Beach terraces is bound to become your new favourite thrill, and the refreshing tapas and cocktails designed to complement your experience your new lavish indulgence.

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