Santorini Luxury Hotels with Caldera View | La Maltese
Santorini Luxury Hotels with Caldera View | La Maltese
Santorini welcomes the Buddha-Beach experience!

Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini

The heart yearns for pleasure, the eyes languish in beauty, the mind desires new experiences, the body aches to relax and the soul craves to live! Do you believe in magic? Well, now you have to! This summer Santorini welcomes a new state for what we call pleasure for all the senses.

In the magnificent island of Santorini two fascinating worlds meet; the exuberant Buddha-Bar Beach concept and the charming La Maltese Estate join forces to create an absolutely stunning dining venue with the most magnificent view on the island. Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini at La Maltese Estate comes to change the way we feel about finding pure summer bliss in one of the world’s most magical spots. Now, ultra-chic summer life comes to merge with exquisite dining, the world’s finest cocktails and events that make the world stop at its tracks! Are you ready to travel in the sounds of the world, the tastes and the flavours of the universe in a lush environment designed for your utter comfort? Are you ready to share moments of a great time with your friends and loved ones? Are you ready to believe in magic? Then let your steps take you the wonderful Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini!

The Buddha-Bar Story
1996 was the year when a new concept revolutionized the way we eat, the way we socialize, the way we party and enjoy life. Raymond Visan channeled his travelling experiences into the Buddha-Bar concept, a stylish venue that emphasizes on the perfect atmosphere for a delightful meal with friends, cozy and casual with a dash of luxury and above all, exotic music sounds. The food is meant for sharing, the music is the epitome of chill out and the ambiance, lush, lavish and inviting.
The making of Buddha-Bar Beach
Buddha-Bar Beach is the brand new concept of luxurious summery lifestyle and dining. In Buddha-Bar, the East and the West came together, creating a fascinating experience of taste, music and style; in Buddha-Bar Beach, these two worlds collide right in the center of the world, Santorini Island, creating an unmet adventure into the summer. Utter bliss and repose in the chic La Maltese of Imerovigli, titillating tastes from around the world and the reverent awe awoken by the mystifying sunsets of Santorini; you can expect nothing less from the Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini.
Taste Everyday Wonders
The Buddha-Bar Experiences
  • Do you believe in pleasure? The East meets the West in a sophisticated gastronomic experience! Dinner – An All-Senses Fusion...
  • Do you believe in beauty? Enjoy the most beautyful sunsets in the world. Cocktails From all the exciting things you can admire in ...
  • Do you crave for memorable experiences? Celebrate every special moment of your life in style! Private Dinning – Private even...
  • Live the most romantic story! A weddings by Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini! The celebration of love and beauty Celebrate the happiest ...
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